• 360° Square Edge Optics, minimize the chance of PCO.
  • Singlepiece Lens with Double muscle model “L” loop,”C” loop
  • Increase the functional vision without compromising the contrast sensitivity.
  • Ideal lens for an Optimal Visual Comfort.


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Aspheric Optic:

The most notable benefit of aspheric lenses is their ability to correct for spherical aberration. Spherical aberration has an impact on loss of contrast sensitivity and visual acuity. In general, Intraocular lenses can be manufactured with positive spherical aberration ( + SA), negative spherical aberration (-SA), or free of any spherical aberration (SA=0).

We offer aspheric intraocular lenses with negative spherical aberration (-SA). This kind of IOLs have a negative spherical aberration (-SA) so that it offsets all or part of the positive SA of average cornea. This kind of lens gives best visual acuity and contrast sensitivity with modest depth of focus.

360° Square Edge

Material Hydrophobic UV-A Blocking Material Hydrophobic UV-A Blocking Material
Manufactured Mold & Lathe Cut Mold & Lathe Cut
Optic Style
(For + Diop.)
Bi Convex Bi Convex
Optic Style
(For – Diop.)
Meniscus Meniscus
Convexity Aspheric Aspheric
Optic Size 6.00 mm 6.00 mm
Diametral 12.5 mm 13 mm / 12.5 mm
Haptic Style “ C “ Loop, 0° Angulation “ C “ Loop, 0° Angulation
A Constant 117.8 118.8
Diopters -5 to + 35 ( 0.5 increment in all diopter available) -5 to + 35 ( 0.5 increment in all diopter available)
Refractive Index 1.56 1.56
Formula Ultrasound Biometery Optical Biometry
SRK II 118.0 119.1
SRK T 117.8 118.8
Hoffer Q pACD-4.80 pACD-5.39
Haigis a0-0.586 a0-1.177
a1-0.400 a1-0.400
a2-0.100 a2-0.100
Hollady I sf-1.02 sf-1.61